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Executive Committee

Lynn Barfield (President & Backpack Challenge Co-Chair)
Jeff Mayhew (President Elect & Events Co-Chair & Fund Development Co-Chair)
Douglas Roberts (Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair)
Brent Stringer (Executive Committee Member at Large & Events Co-Chair & Volunteers Committee)
Scott Wolfson (Secretary & Backpack Challenge Co-Chair)

General Board

James Beasley (Beneficiaries Committee)
Kevin Calhoun (Volunteers Chair)
Daryl Campbell
Trippe Davis (Finance Committee)
Sean Dunn (Marketing Chair)
Angela Fairfax (Silent Auction Chair & Fund Development Co-Chair)
Jesse Furr
Nan Gregory (Beneficiaries Chair)
Scott Halsrud (Technology & Silent Auction Committee)
Drew Henderson (Events Committee)
Shawn Martin (Fund Development Committee)
Kristen Petillo (Volunteers Committee)
Stasi Taylor (Events Committee & Volunteers Committee)
Fred Tracy (Events Committee)


Alex Wan, Atlanta City Council

Advisory Board

Tray Butler (Marketing Advisor)
Kent Finley (Treasurer Advisor)
Jarrad Howard (Silent Auction Advisor)
Josh Noblitt
Brian Isbell
Thomas Dinkleman
Frank Bragg
Jonathan Jones
Travis Brookshire
Kevin Garcia
Maggie Lopez
Holly Smith


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